Zoo Mix

Zoo Mix


Great food for many fish & invertebrates.
High in Amino acids.
Great food for corals.


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  • Zoo mix is a blend of live Artemia is a genus of crustaceans and Rotifer.
  • Zoo mix is a great food for many fish, larvae, invertebrates and corals. Many picky fish like
    Cleaner Wrasses, Mandarin gobies, some Long-nose butterfly fish and seahorses etc. seems
    to love to chow them down.
  • They are high in Amino acids, lipids and vitamins.

Our rotifers are cleaned before bottling and the Artemia is cleaned off before to prevent
ciliates and bacteria which can lead to swim bladder disease, many more infections and
infestation as research has showed in aqua cultural studies, hence why we take these
preventative steps before bottling our products.

Keep at room temperature best to leave the bottle open once opened for
oxygen exchange. Best to use within the first week, swirl bottle before feeding, amount feed
depends on the amount of fish and corals in your reef system. Recommend 50-100ml Daily.


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