Tisbe pods

Tisbe pods


Tisbe copepods are a reefer’s go-to food for a reason.


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Tisbe copepods are a reefer’s go-to food for a reason. They are excellent food for picky
eaters, especially those with small mouths, like seahorses, pipefish, mandarin gobies and
butterfly fish and they are easily digested. They have an excellent nutritional profile that is
rich in lipids. Tisbe pods are exceptionally rich in important lipids such as fatty acids. They
tend to have relatively high levels of EFAs (essential fatty acids) as well as the longer-chain
omega-3 fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic fatty acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic fatty
acid). These compounds have been shown to be associated with proper growth,
development, pigmentation and stress resistance. Tisbe pods size 55 µm to an adult size of
more than 180 µm. The wide range of size between its nauplius and adult forms make it small
enough for consumers of the tiniest zooplankton to ingest, despite reaching a large enough
size to be seen, captured and eaten by many small reef fishes.
These pods are packaged with food inside the bottle to keep them fed and populating.

Instructions: Store at room temperature.
Acclimate by floating the bottle of pods in the water for 30mins, swirl the bottle to get them
swimming and release them into the sump/refugium half or the full bottle and half bottle into
the main tank.
Best to do this at night and switch off pumps and wave makers to allow them to settle into
your tank for 20mins before switching it all back on.

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