Phytoplankton (Blend)

Phytoplankton (Blend)


Our phytoplankton is five sp. specially blended together to benefit all marine organisms inside your reef system.


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Our phytoplankton is five sp. specially blended together to benefit all marine organisms inside your reef system. Feeding marine invertebrates such as corals, shrimps, copepods,molluscs such as bi-valves like clams, and supplements the zooplankton living within your reef system.
Our blend also benefits fish as some of the phytoplankton in our blend fights/ inhibits disease, pathogens and bad bacterial Infestations, such as Staphylococcus, Aeromona and Vibrio in fish.
It also reduces the bad microbes within your reef system caused by overfeeding, dead bacteria etc.
We highly recommend this blend when starting up a new tank as it greatly helps the cycling
process of your new reef aquarium.
For those who are breeding, this blend can be fed to urchin, shrimp, and shellfish larvae and to load up your rotifer or copepods and Artemia culture with loads of beneficial trace elements, vitamins and HUFA as well as EPA and DHA for your fish larvae and fry to develop
into healthy fish that gets the right supplement to assist their nervous system development and energy for the morphing stages that prevents deformities and lowers mortality rate.
We culture all our Phytoplankton sp. In Pure cultures separately, they are grown in a laboratory environment to prevent impurities, parasites and bacterial infestations. We only use certified aqua culturing fertilizers specially designed for each culture needs. All our
cultures are harvested freshly on order to insure you get the best quality and shelf life. Once received you can store this Live blend in a refrigerated for up to 1 month at a temperature of 4°C, shake cells up daily. Follow dosing recommendations on packaging.

Shake up cells before feeding, feed according to your tank’s
requirements based on the amount of corals and invertebrates. Minimum of 20 ml per 100 L
recommended.  You may dose up to 100ml if you dosing every alternative day based on your needs. Keep in mind this is for a fully stocked tank. Refrigerate and it keeps for up to 1 month from the day you received it.

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