REEF-ECO CUBE: A compact habitat to keep in you refugium to be colonised by Copepods, Isopods, Amphipods, Mysis shrimps as well as worms like bristle worms. They also serve as a great place for reef snail larvae to seek refuge in while they grow. These cubes are made of materials that also support and allow for bacterial growth which is perfect as an extra surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow on. These cubes can be filled with a wide variety of critters to form perfect mini ecosystems. The difference between these Cubes and your traditional Macro-algae / Live-rock is their compact nature, flexibility / portability making it easy to transport live foods to your aquarium.  

We recommend two ways of using Reef-Eco Cubes:

1) Keep them in your sump/ refugium and regularly remove and shake out in the display.  This will dislodge any Pods etc. that have taken up residence in the Cube.  Treat the process like a feed to the display tank.

2) If you have two or more (we suggest a minimum of three) cubes, a great way to keep a constant supply of pods and other live critters in the display is to start off with all of them in the refugium.  After a colonisation period of a few days, move ONE of the Reef-Eco Cubes to the display and set it in a convenient spot.  The critters will leave the Reef-Eco Cube and colonise the display and ultimately become food for fish that traditionally hunt them and also for them to do their natural jobs as cleaners of your reef system.  After a few days, remove the Reef-Eco Cube from the display and swap it out for one of the others in the refugium.  Using this method, it is possible to have a controlled, constant migration of critters like pods etc. between your refugium and display.

NB. Make sure to feed PlanktOnyx Pod feed where these cubes are situated to ensure your critters are loaded with high nutritional value before your fish receive them, we suggest the day before you intend to shake them out or move to the display tank to feed as well. You will notice on the bigger pods their shell and gut will turn a greenish colour, then you know,  they’re  gut loaded and ready to be fed to your fish. The grey, brown colour means they have been feeding on debris and sometimes diatoms. This is less nutritious for your fish when they are these colours.

Reef-Eco Cubes come in two sizes to suit any space limitations you may have - a 50mm cube and a 75mm cube.  While the difference between the two sizes doesn’t seem like much, the 75mm cube has 3.2 times the volume of habitat that the 50mm does.  Stacking these modular cubes you can create as much or as little habitat as you like.