Bacto Seeding

PlanktOnyx Bacto Seeding is formulated with a blend of strong bacterial strains making them hardy and easily adaptable to different environmental changes, Bacto seeding is specially blended to maintain a balanced aquarium. Keeping a healthy aquarium is dependent on beneficial bacteria to break down fish waste, dead plant and animal matter and other organic debris that can accumulate in your tank. Bacto seeding helps with keeping the water clear and preventing toxic ammonia and nitrite from accumulating in your aquarium. Bacto seeding will also help in preventing nuisance algae and outcompeting bad bacteria. Adding this quality live inoculant (Bacto Seeding) will save you lots of time and allow you to enjoy your systems.

Keep in mind when adding bacteria make sure that there is enough surface area (live rock and other bio-media) for them to live on. The good bacteria will accumulate and have synergistic relationships, some living on the outside of the Bio-media and some on the inside of the Bio-media.

When adding bacteria to a new system to begin the cycling process, it’s best to keep the temperature of the water the same as what you would want in the end or at least close to the desired temperature (don’t let temperature drop below 20 °C for marine tanks). Add bacteria in, make sure that there is no skimmer or UV system running when adding it and to allows them to spread and move into bio media, make sure there is not too much flow around your bio-media so that it doesn’t disturb the bacteria allowing them to grow. Porous media is best, also make sure the pores aren’t too small which can get clogged up by the outer bacterial film. Our Reef Eco cubes are great example of surface area for them to grow on the outer and inner layers sharing a habitat with other micro-organisms creating an Eco Utopia. Make sure to ghost/phantom feed if there is no fish in the system to create ammonia.

Our culture is very dense so we recommend 10ml per 100L aquarium water try and dose every second day for 2 weeks to build up a good amount of beneficial bacteria. Skimmer may be turned back on after 2 hours after dosing.

For tanks that have fish and corals already dose 5ml per 80L keep the UV and ozone off for 3-5 hours.

Recommend to be dosed after using antibiotics, and other medication that affects the bio media, when adding loads of fish to the tank to make sure there are enough bacteria to compensate for the new bio load in the tank.

How the Nitrogen cycle works


Product can be used in both Marine and Freshwater systems.

Packaged: 250ml and 500ml

Shelve life 12 months, Refrigerate after opening. Keep the bottle sealed to not allow contamination to occur.

Not for human consumption and keep out of the reach of children.